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Executive Board
  • CEO
    Kristian Hundebøll
    Kristian Hundebøll is CEO of the DLG Group. He holds a master degree of political science and has been working at DLG since 2001. In 2003, Kristian Hundebøll became a director and member of the Executive Board, becoming Deputy CEO in 2010, and CEO in 2012.

    As CEO, Kristian Hundebøll has transformed the management team to focus on DLG's three core business areas of Farm Supply, Premix & Nutrition and Service & Energy. In 2017, he launched an ambitious growth plan and strategy for the Group in 2017 that will increase the bottom line by 50 per cent by 2021. Throughout his time at DLG, he has been a driving force behind DLG's major investments in the German market that have had significant impact on the Group's growth, including the acquisition of the Group's largest subsidiary, HaGe, and the large German energy and building materials company, Team AG.

    Kristian Hundebøll is a board member of a large number of companies partly of wholly owned by DLG both in Denmark and abroad. These include HaGe AG, Svenska Foder AB, Danæg A/S, PUAI Feed (China) and Team AG. In addition, Kristian Hundebøll is a member of the Danish National Bank's Representative Committee and the Danish Confederation of Industries Committee for Enterprise Policy.

  • COO, Agribusiness Denmark
  • CFO
    Thomas Brebøl Christensen
    Thomas Brebøl Christensen is Group CFO for DLG. He holds an M.Sc. in Political Science from Copenhagen and Aarhus Universities. He also holds an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School, the Executive Board Programme from INSEAD/SEI and a background as Lieutenant-Commander and military linguist (RDN Reserve). Thomas joined DLG on 1 July 2019, where he came from Danish Crown, being CFO for Pork, the Group's largest Business Unit. Thomas also has an international background from Mondelez/Kraft Foods, Cadbury and Dandy, where he held roles in Finance, Strategy and General Management. He has been expatriated to Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Russia.
Executive Management
  • Group Executive Vice President, Agribusiness Germany
    Henrik Madsen
    Group Executive Vice President, Agribusiness Germany
    Born: 1963

    Henrik Madsen started January 1st 2015 in the DLG Group as an Executive Group Vice President. He is furthermore a member of the management board of HaGe. Henrik Madsen is Danish and holds a Cand. Merc. Henrik Madsen comes from an executive position in the Getreide AG. He was the Department Director in HaGe between 1994-2003. Henrik Madsen has 25 years of experience, including 15 years in executive positions in Germany.

  • Executive Vice President, Crop Production
    Bent Nissen
    Executive Vice President, Crop Production

    Bent Nissen is Group Vice President. He is director of the Crop Production business area and responsible for the subsidiaries in Poland and the Baltics. Bent Nissen has been with DLG since 1990, and was responsible for building up DLG's activities in Poland from 1999 to 2006. Bent Nissen has a BSc in Business Economics and a BA in accounting and financial management.

  • Executive Vice President, Animal Nutrition
    Jesper Pagh
    Group Vice President
    Jesper Pagh is Group Vice President. He has been employed at DLG since 2004 with responsibility for the business area Livestock Nutrition. In addition, he is responsible for the group's R&D and the subsidiary DLG Vet. Jesper Pagh has an MSc in Agronomy from the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

  • Group Executive Vice President, Agribusiness Sweden
    Svenska Foder
    Carsten Klausen
    Group Executive Vice President, Agribusiness Sweden

    Carsten Klausen is the CEO of DLG's Swedish subsidiary, Svenska Foder. He has more than 25 years of experience in the farm supply industry and has had a number of management positions in the DLG Group throughout his career including Svenska Foder as CEO for 8 years and 2 years as deputy chairman director, and in DLG's German subsidiary, HaGe.

  • Group Executive Vice President, Premix & Nutrition
    Vilofoss Denmark
    Jacob Holm
    Group Executive Vice President, Premix & Nutrition
    Born: 1960

    Jacob Holm is Group Executive Vice President. Jacob Holm has been managing director of DLG's subsidiary Vitfoss since 1997. Jacob has an MA in political science and has also completed a management development programme at Harvard Business School. Jacob Holm has been with DLG since 1990, serving as HR manager for the first seven years. Over the course of his many years at Vitfoss, Jacob Holm has helped to develop the premix and nutrition group which is now one of the DLG Group's three major areas of priority.

    Jacob Holm has spearheaded the bringing of several premix and nutrition companies into the Vilofoss group, which is currently a major international player and among the three largest market operators in Europe. Most recently, Jacob Holm succeeded in introducing DLG on the rapidly growing Chinese market with the investment in the PUAI Feed Group. 

  • Group Executive Vice President, Energy & Retail
    Team AG
    Kevin Lorenzen
    Group Executive Vice President
    Born: 1977

    Kevin Lorenzen is Group Executive Vice President and responsible of energy activities in the group. He has been Director of Team AG since 2010.

    He started as executive management assistant in Team AG in 1998 and became executive director in 2004. Kevin Lorenzen also worked two years at HaGe but returned as director in the Team group in 2007 with primary responsibility for Team AG's energy business. He holds an MBA in economics and has been a member of DLG's Group Management from 2013 till 2014.

Group Management
  • Group Vice President, CROPS
    Mogens Frederiksen
    Group Vice President

    Mogens Frederiksen is the director of DLG's crop trade and a member of the Executive Steering Committee. He is in charge of the overall crop trade group and focuses on the global market's impact on risk management and optimization for DLG's trade.

    Mogens started in the DLG Group in 1979 as a commercial trainee and has worked in several different capacities over the years. Mogens has extensive experience in crop trade and has held various management positions within the Group.

    Mogens has a business degree from Næstved College and has several management and international courses in commerce and contracting rights.

  • Group Vice President, Raw materials
    Jesper Westmark Andersen
    Group Vice President
    Jesper Andersen is Trade Risk Manager and part of DLG's Executive Steering Committee. He is responsible for the purchase and sale of raw materials for the entire group. He has been employed by the DLG since 2011 and has been responsible for the procurement of raw materials for several years. Jesper Andersen is an economics graduate from Aarhus Business College.

    Jesper has extensive experience with trade and is working to exploit economies of scale in raw materials across the entire group.
  • CEO, Vilofoss Denmark
    Vilofoss Denmark
    Bøje S. Kjær
    CEO, Vilofoss Denmark
    Bøje Kjær is Group Vice President and is the CEO of Vilfoss Denmark and is responsible for concept devleopment, branding, and business processes. He heads the continuted development of Vilofoss' strong market position in Denmark as well as internationally. The Vilofoss Group sells to more than 50 countries and is one of Europe's leading suppliers of vitamines, minerels, and additives. Bøje Kjær started as an apprentice in DLG and has held a number of management positions both inside and outside the Group, most recently as director and co-founder of the CeramicSpeed industry division.
  • Group Vice President, Production & Logistics
    Vagn Hundebøll
    Group Vice President, Production & Logistics
    Vagn Hundebøll is Group Vice President. He is responsible for the Group's transport, operations, logistics and production and the DLG-owned VitaLys. Vagn Hundebøll has an MA in economics from Aarhus University and his career includes studying and working in China. Vagn Hundebøll has been employed in DLG's subsidiaries since 1994, where his positions have included Managing Director for DanGrønt Products, and in 2010 he became DLG's Production Director.

  • Group Vice President, Legal and M&A
  • Group Vice President, Treasury
    Anders W. Bertelsen
    Group Vice President, Treasury
    Anders Westad Bertelsen is Group Treasurer. He is responsible for the Group's total treasury activities. He has been employed by the DLG Group since December 1, 2018. Anders is originally bank educated and has since supplemented with the Graduate Diploma (HD) in accounting and finance, strategy education from Henley Business School and an Executive MBA degree from the University of Coventry. Anders has many years of experience from similar positions in international companies / banks and works to exploit economies of scale within funding and managing financial risks across the entire group.
  • GROUP VICE PRESIDENT, IT & Business Transformation
    Tlf.: 3368 3000
  • Group Vice President, Group Finance & Accounting
    Tlf.: 3368 3132
DLG's Board of Directors
From left: Niels Dengsø Jensen (Chairman), Lars Jakobsen, Niels Olesen, Thomas Ahrendt, Catarina Hagelberg (Employee Representative), Carl Christian Lei (Deputy chairman), Torben Thomsen (Deputy chairman), Jens Kristian Jensen, John Christiansen (Employee Representative), Jørn Munk, Mads Peter Madsen (Employee Representative) og Jens Myhren.