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Feed / Pig feed

Pig feed

As one of the largest agribusiness companies in Europe, DLG offers the most innovative solutions for pig herds.
Our focus during the pig feed season is on: 

• Healthy pig production 
• Longevity of sows and young pigs
• Reducing gastric ulcers
• Reduce suckling pig fatalities via feed 
• Reduce feed overheads for fattened pigs. 

Our range features the following product lines:

• Ideal pig feed mixes to fulfil the basic requirement for nutritional substances.
• Classic/Plus pig feed mixes composed in relation to the recommendations of the Danish Pig Research Centre.
• Profil pig feed mixes based on our own well-proven feed solutions and the latest international knowledge within pig nutrition.
• Value pig feed mixes specifically for herds with the objective of reaching +35 pigs per breeding sow.
• Gain pig feed mixes developed with more focus on exploiting the genetic growth potential of the pig. Can be combined with our unique IT program, GainMax.
• SFR are mixes optimised according to the Dutch Schothorst Feed Research's recommendations, and an excellent alternative to the pig feed approach we traditionally use in Denmark. The aim is to offer pig feed solutions that yield high productivity and that are profitable to use. Special focus is on 
o Fibre for sows 
o Weaning piglets without zinc 
o Competitively-priced fattened pig feeds. 
o Read more about SFR (Schothorst Feed Research)

Research & Development
DLG is at the forefront of participation in a number of GUDP projects (Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram - green development and demonstration programs) under the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food and SFR (Schothorst Feed Research). Close communication between our expert pig feed group, universities, private and government bodies means that we can continuously implement the latest knowledge into our range of feeds. That means we can offer the best feed solutions to you.

Christina Nielsen will be the new Group CFO of the DLG Group
July 15. 2021
Christina Nielsen will be the new Group CFO of the DLG Group
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DLG and PUAI opens new feed factory in China
November 26. 2015
DLG and PUAI opens new feed factory in China
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