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Feed / Poultry


DLG's approach is to listen to the needs of poultry producers. We work consistently to develop innovative feed solutions for all poultry types.
DLG works closely with the independent Dutch research institution Schothorst Feed Research. That means we always have access to the latest knowledge within the nutritional content of ingredients and animal needs. To adapt such new knowledge to the Danish market and production, we develop feed concepts in collaboration with our customers in the form of tests at farm level and via valuable discussions in specialist forums. That’s why we have an extensive range of poultry feeds adapted to the Danish market and for production in the future, when demands for quality, productivity, animal welfare, reliability of supply, protecting the environment and feed safety will be all-important.

Based on our knowledge, we offer feed calculations, production advice and guidance on production composition. We strive consistently to ensure that you achieve optimum productivity at the best possible price. Apart from our quality feed mixes for poultry, we also offer a wide range of special and supplement products for your poultry production.

Did you know …
that Denmark annually produces around 115 million broiler chickens and around 55 million kg of eggs from 3.5 million egg-laying hens? A special feature of Danish broiler and egg production is the level of salmonella - almost zero. This achievement was made possible by an industry-wide agreement. The rules for “best production practice for the production and transportation of poultry feeds” include prevention and inspection throughout the production chain from hatchery, via the poultry farmer, feeds and to the slaughterhouse. What's more, Denmark has one of the lowest levels of antibiotic use in the world.