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A company’s work in social responsibility must be measured by its concrete actions
DLG Group / Investor / CSR Policy

CSR Policy

DLG is committed to follow the ten principles for responsible business operations in the UN's Global Compact. As part of this, DLG works to implement the principles within human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption in the group's daily operations. We follow all relevant legislation and regulation in the countries where we operate. We are dedicated to an open dialogue on CSR topics with our stakeholders.
  • We strive to always ensure the highest quality and safety in our raw material and food production from farm to table.
  • We strive to be ambitious in ensuring responsible value chain management and protecting the group's reputation
  • We strive to reduce DLG's energy consumption, minimize our emissions to the environment and generally lower our environmental impact
  • We do not accept the use of corruption in any form, including – but not limited to – bribery, extortion, kickbacks or nepotism
  • We strive to have safe working conditions, a healthy working environment and create good development opportunities for our employees and partners
  • We respect the internationally recognized human rights and continuously assess our business for cases that may negatively affect the rights

The policy will be evaluated and revised annually by DLG's Executive Committee. In continuation of our desire to work strategically with CSR, we at DLG do not perceive donations as part of our CSR work.