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We offer a wide range of cattle products, offering the best solutions for your cattle farm
Feed / Cattle feed

Cattle feed

Cattle feed solutions and cattle products

Our business area Agribusiness covers Animal Nutrition among other things. We offer a wide range of cattle products, offering the best solutions for your cattle farm, including feeds, yields, house layout, and individual problems that will always differ from one cattle herd to another. We help you solve your cattle herd issues in the best possible way. We do this via optimised compounds, nutrition, milk powder, plastic, udder depth, silage additives, etc.

Since DLG is owned by farmers, it is natural for us to be in close contact with our customers and to have direct knowledge of the challenges faced by our customers relative to their herds. Through our knowledge about the effects, costs, and potential of feed compounds and critical evaluation of our suppliers, we can offer value-creating cattle feed solutions for all types of cattle herds.

We constantly strive to pass on the latest knowledge to your farm. We participate in a range of Research & Development projects in cattle nutrition. We base this on our wide-ranging network in Northern Europe, and we collaborate closely with suppliers and universities.

We also collaborate closely with DLG's subsidiary Vilofoss, ensuring the very latest knowledge in the field of Premix & Nutrition. This ensures optimum alignment between concentrated feed mixtures and supplementary nutrition.

We also offer a wide assortment for organic farming.

Contact us for advice and guidance on cattle feed solutions and cattle products in order that we may assist you in optimising your cattle herd.

Did you know…
Danish dairy cows are the most climate friendly in the world, and at the same time their average yield of 10,000 kg of milk per annum places them in the top three for milk yield. The goals for milk yield and profits are higher, however, and this is where stability and knowledge about cattle feeding is a foundation stone for ensuring a profitable and competitive future milk production in Denmark and the rest of the world.

DLG partner in a new ground-breaking project – ‘No-Methane’
May 17. 2021
DLG partner in a new ground-breaking project – ‘No-Methane’
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