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Tax Policy of the DLG Group


The DLG Group want to be recognised as a trustworthy, reliable partner. The group supports standardisation, transparency, predictability and equal treatment in all taxation matters.

The purpose of the DLG Group’s tax policy is to provide guidelines on how tax matters in Denmark and abroad are to be dealt with pursuant to applicable practice and legislation. The tax policy applies to the entire group, and adherence is mandatory for management and employees.

The tax policy is approved by the Executive Board, and the Group Tax Director is responsible for its wording and implementation.

Taxation principles and obligations

In conducting its business, the DLG Group complies with all applicable legislation, practices, and national and international guidelines, as well as the group’s global code of conduct.

The group structures its tax positions to support its commercial and financial activities and pays all applicable taxes and duties on time in the countries in which it operates. The group recognises how important this tax revenue is to local communities.

The DLG Group systematically charts and monitors tax risks and conducts internal transactions according to the arm’s length principle. The group endeavours to have a competitive tax position and contribute to the communities in which it operates, while ensuring that all tax planning is based on common sense and preventing double taxation.

A transfer pricing master file and a local file are prepared pursuant to OECD guidelines, and these are submitted to local tax authorities pursuant to the rules in force in each country.

Collaboration and transparency

The DLG Group is an international company with a wide variety of stakeholders, which include tax authorities.

In 2013, the Danish Tax Agency introduced a ‘Tax Governance Concept’ designed to strengthen collaboration with a number of large companies/groups. The DLG Group joined this collaboration in 2016. Members of the network work together to ensure transparency about their business transactions, internal processes, risks and tax filings.

The DLG Group gives high priority to engaging in positive collaboration with the tax authorities and being transparent in its tax matters. The group does not engage in aggressive tax planning, such as the artificial transfer of profits or the use of tax havens.

The DLG Group also works with policymakers to ensure a level playing field for all market participants and encourages coordinated tax reforms to minimise the risk of double taxation and other inexpediencies.

The DLG Group publishes statutory information about its tax affairs and reports its tax payments in accordance with international accounting standards.

The group complies with all applicable legislation and the principles of this tax policy, its codes of ethics and conduct, while seeking to maximise the owners’ assets and pay the right amount of tax at the right time.

The DLG Group does not advise its owners on personal tax planning, but refers them to the tax authorities or external advisors.