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Vilofoss Denmark
Ballesvej 2
7000 Fredericia
+45 33685600
Vilofoss produces premixes and mineral compounds for use in feed for pigs, cattle, poultry, sheep and horses. The Vilofoss products are both suitable for mixing with factory-produced feed and on-farm produced feed. With the Vilofoss products, feed can be fully customised to cover the livestock's requirements for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. DLG owns 100% of the company. 
In addition to vitamin and mineral compounds, Vilofoss produces a vast array of feed supplements and special products for use in animal production. Vilofoss also sells milk replacers, retail veterinary-labelled products and veterinary articles.
Vilofoss' main market is Denmark, but 33% of the turnover is exported to other European countries.
Affiliation with DLG
As an important part of DLG's overall livestock nutrition activities, Vilofoss contributes to optimising the animal production and thus generate growth in the agricultural sector. 
Team AG
Marie-Curie-Ring 2
24941 Flensburg
+49 4641 98600
As one of the largest employers in northern Germany with a total of 5,000 employees and a turnover of about 7 billion euros, the team Group is an important economic force and supplier with an extensive catalogue. With a wide range of services in the energy, construction, and agriculture sectors, the company offers its private and commercial customers what they need at all times. The team Group ensures people's basic needs: Food, energy, and mobility as well as housing and living space. In total team offers its services at 440 locations – 132 locations in team agrar, 79 in team bau, and 229 in team energie. The company's strategic focus is on customer service, sustainability, digitalization, and the best possible working environment for its employees.

As part of the DLG Group, team is also committed to the “creating the future 2030” strategy. team is making active changes to all areas of business towards a sustainable future. Some examples are the creation of a team-branded infrastructure for electromobility or the initiative #GREENTEAM which supports various sustainable projects. One of the more recent additions is the newly created team solar energie, which is not only installing photovoltaic systems on team gas stations but is going to offer a wide range of products and photovoltaic systems to customers as well. 
Svenska Foder
Matrosgatan 3 A
531 16 Lidköping
+46 0510-828 00
Svenska Foder supplies feed and crop-farming products to the agricultural sector and grain products to the food industry. Svenska Foder wants to be a strong, flexible local partner for Swedish farmers. Profitability, a holistic approach, quality and environment are fundamental concepts for Svenska Foder's business. Their mission is to deliver expertise and provide farmers and the food industry with quality products for livestock and crop production, as well as retail products for customers in rural districts. DLG owns 100% of the company. 
The primary focus of Svenska Foder is to be a producer and wholesaler with a comprehensive distribution and sales network in close collaboration with the retail segment.

Affiliation with DLG       
Svenska Foder's activities in Sweden are very similar to the activities of DLG in Denmark. Svenska Foder is consequently DLG's affiliation with the Swedish market and the Swedish farmer.
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Sejet Planteforædling
Nørremarksvej 67
8700 Horsens
+45 75 68 21 77

Since 1947, Sejet Plant Breeding has catered to the interests of agriculture in the improvement and breeding of modern grain varieties. A continuous effort is made to create new and improved varieties which are adapted to current demands and benefit agriculture and plant breeders. DLG owns 100% of the company. 

Today, Sejet Plant Breeding is a complete and modern plant breeding company in constant development with its own breeding programme and an extensive representation programme outside Denmark.

Sejet uses the latest technologies, such as gene markers, and has its own breeding programme for spring barley, winter wheat and winter triticale. Sejet Plant Breeding enjoys great success with its own varieties, such as Hereford, Matros, Flair, Evolution, Sebastian and Columbus and works closely with plant breeding companies in many European countries. 

Sejet applies diligent quality assurance to ensure that only the varieties with optimal profiles are pursued.
Affiliation with DLG

With its own R&D efforts, Sejet Plant Breeding assumes a central role for the agriculture of the future and helps strengthen DLG's competitiveness.  

DLG Food Oil
Kvisselholtvej 90
9330 Dronninglund

Part of DLG Food
DLG Food comprises the DLG Group's rapeseed mills which refine rapeseed oil for the food industry. DLG Food Oil is based in Agersted in North Jutland but also has a rapeseed mill in the port of Bandholm on Lolland. Food Oil offers Danish-produced refined rapeseed oil from the finest component of mainly Nordic rapeseed - the germ itself. The oil is distinguished by its natural aroma, colour and taste and is suitable for frying, baking, dressings and marinades.
In August 2012, DLG Food Oil put a new refinery into service, thus increasing capacity from 70,000 to 120,000 tonnes. DLG Food Oil is the industry supplier of rapeseed oil, using only European GMO-free rapeseed in the production.
The company was formerly called DanRaps and was established in 1996. It is fully owned by DLG Food.
Affiliation with DLG
Through DLG Food Oil, DLG processes the farmer's rapeseed into products for the retail sector and food industry. Food service and retail customers are managed by PureOil I/S, whereas DLG Food Oil handles industrial clients.

Land og Fritid
Jættevej 11
4100 Ringsted
+45 33 68 50 00
DLG Service is the DLG subsidiary that offers the farmer a wide range of services from telecommunications and energy to security in the form of alarms, insurance and animal facility surveillance. These are all necessary products and services in the daily operation for private individuals and farms alike. The purpose of DLG Service is to provide savings for DLG's owners and customers. DLG Tele is an affiliated company under DLG Service and is engaged in telecom operations. In addition, the "Land & Fritid" outlet chain also belongs under the auspices of DLG Service. DLG owns 100% of the company. 
Land & Fritid
Land & Fritid is a nationwide chain in the DLG Group and includes around 40 stores and an online shop landogfritid.dk
Land & Fritid has a wide selection of quality products - within all price ranges - for pets, horse, garden and hunting and feed for all the farm's animals. In our stores there is always a passionate staff ready to help and advise you. We also have our own specialists that you can ask for advice.
In Germany, we have a corresponding chain with 6 stores, named Land & Freizeit https://www.landundfreizeit.de/ and an online shop https://www.scanfarm.de/
Affiliation with DLG
DLG Service A/S enables DLG to be among the farmer's preferred suppliers of telecommunications, diesel, heating oil and insurance.
Danægvej 1
6070 Christiansfeld
+45 73 26 16 00

Danæg is the largest player in the egg business in the Nordic countries with a turnover of DKK 1 billion. The two packing plants Danæg A/S in Denmark and Kroneägg AB in Sweden give the group a strong hold of both the Danish and the Swedish market of eggs for human consumption. Danæg's focus on the quality of eggs and egg products is deeply rooted in the company and has been so since the start in 1895. DLG owns 50% of the company.  

The Danæg group in Denmark consists of an egg packing facility in Christiansfeld south of Kolding and a production plant, Danæg Products A/S, in Roskilde.
At Danæg A/S shell eggs are collected, sorted according to quality and packed for the retail as well as food service industries, and at Danæg Products they develop, produce and sell pasteurized, fluid, boiled and baked egg products for bakeries, the food service and the foodstuff industry in Denmark and abroad.
Afilliation with DLG
A closer cooperation with Danæg will strengthen DLG's competencies within the poultry business in Denmark and Sweden. Looking ahead this will help us continue to be able to develop the best solutions within our wide range of products for the egg producers.
Nybrovej 167
6851 Janderup Vestj
7525 8622

BioRefine Denmark A /S produces grass protein as an alternative protein source for animal feed. At the biorefinery in Jutland, organic, green protein is extracted from locally produced clover grass and lucerne. DLG owns 50% of BioRefine and has started the company in collaboration with Danish Agro and DLF, who each own 25%. In the long run, the ambition is that the extracted protein also will be used in food, as an important alternative to animal-produced protein.

Aggersundvej 50
9670 Løgstør
+45 33 68 74 00
Dankalk supplies lime to wastewater treatment plants and power plants as well as the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Dankalk also exports lime to European users; mainly agricultural lime for farms in the Baltic region. 
Dankalk operates lime works in Aggersund, Mjels and Batum, which provide an annual output in excess of 500,000 tonnes of chalk and lime products for domestic and international use. In addition to DLG's ownership share, Swiss Omya owns 44% of Dankalk. Omya is among the world's largest calcium carbonate manufacturers.  
Dankalk develops its products based on the latest technologies. The goal is to enhance the companies' utilisation of energy while at the same time respecting the environment, maintaining product quality and staying abreast of the competitive situation in the market.
Affiliation with DLG

Dankalk offers a vast series of specialised agricultural lime products. In addition, hydrated lime is used for disinfection of pig housing, for instance. Dankalk's limestone shells also constitute an important mineral substance for poultry and provide an inexpensive form of calcium which does not generate dust and is eco-friendly at the same time. Dankalk's products are consequently useful for many Danish farmers in their daily operations.
Rugerivej 26
9760 Vrå
+45 96 56 57 00
DanHatch is one of the largest and most efficient hatcheries in Europe. Each year, 420 million day-old chicks are hatched. DLG owns 50% of the company. 
The company is a technological leader in its field. Strict hygiene standard requirements combined with a high level of biosecurity in and around the production facilities ensure the production of zoonosis-free day-old chicks with high yield potential.
Throughout the entire production process from raising pullets to production of brood eggs for hatching of day-old chicks, the company's quality management system ensures optimisation of all processes. This ensures the production of day-old chicks with a good health status and great vitality.
Affiliation with DLG
DanHatch supplies quality chicks to broiler producers and consequently constitutes a central link in the Danish broiler industry. The high quality of day-old chicks is crucial for the farmer's production economy and for a competitive final product. Through DanHatch, DLG is in contact with Danish broiler producers, which provides transparency in relation to the quality of the delivered chicks and the subsequent production processes in the broiler houses.
Danmarksvej 30B
8660 Skanderborg
+45 87 93 98 00
DLG Vet is a nation-wide veterinary medicine company established by DLG and Skanderborg Pharmacy. The company was founded on 1 January 2013, and offers complete veterinary-medicine supplies directly to the barn door with overnight delivery and competitive pricing. DLG owns 50% of the company.
Affiliation with DLG

DLG Vet provides the farmer with purchasing advantages and more efficient delivery. The initiative combines the robust pharmaceutical knowledge possessed by Denmark's largest pharmacy with DLG's in-depth understanding of the business and the farmers' needs.
DCC Energi
Nærum Hovedgade 8
2850 Nærum
+45 70 10 20 10
DCC Energy is Denmark's largest retailer of Shell energy products and services with more than 50,000 Danish customers. DLG owns 40% of the company. DCC is a Shell branded partner and sells among other diesel, heating fuel, ship oil, lubricating oil, biofuel, electricity and natural gas.
DCC Energy is a partnership between DLG and the Irish DCC Energy who is leading in sales, marketing and distribution of oil and LPG-gas in Europe with over 1 mil. customers, 11.000 employees and a turnover of 107 billion DKK.
Afilliation with DLG
DCC is DLG's partner in delivering energy products- and services. Together DCC and DLG is one of the leading energy businesses in Denmark and market leader in sales.
Ukmerges g. 283, LT -
06313 Vilnius
+370 69454019
Scandagra is equally owned by DLG and the Swedish agriculture and food group Lantmännen. The company was established in 2006 with ambitions of strengthening knowledge sharing and generating synergies across geographical locations in the Baltic region. DLG owns 50% of the company. 
Scandagra is a holding company for three Baltic undertakings: Scandagra Eesti, Scandagra Lietuva, Scandagra Latvia, BTC and Rezeknes Dzirnavnieks. 
Scandagra owns 100% of Scandagra Lietuva, Scandagra Latvia, Rezeknes Dzirnavnieks and BTC - and 85% of Scandagra Eesti.
The three subsidiaries purchase and sell a number of plant-breeding products, feed compounds and feed. Through shared purchasing and sale of input and output to and from agricultural production, they aim to enhance the competitiveness of each subsidiary in their respective markets.  
Affiliation with DLG
Scandagra is DLG's bridgehead to the Baltic market. DLG provides activities with the Baltic farmers through the subsidiaries. Quality and economies of scale are enhanced through the synergies and collaboration in Scandagra
Scanagra Polska
Pobłocie Wielkie
+48 94 312 06 61
Scandagra Polska (formerly HaGe Polska) is owned equally between DLG and the Swedish agricultural and food group Lantmännen.
Scandagra Polska buys and sells a variety of crop products, compound feed and feed together with DLG 's activities in the ballistic countries Scandagra . Through the joint purchase and sale of inputs and outputs to and from agricultural production, the ambition is to increase the competitiveness of each subsidiary within their respective market.
Afilliation with DLG
Scandagra Polska is DLG 's subsidiary in Poland. Through Scandagra cooperation the DLG work with the Polish farmer. Through the synergy and cooperation in ScandagraDLG get increased quality and economies of scale.
Toldbodgade 6A
8900 Randers
+45 86 43 01 00
Nomus is a nation-wide pest-control company, fighting pests in the agricultural, industrial and corporate sectors as well as in private homes. Nomus specialises in professional control of many types of pests. Nomus has long-standing experience of protection agreements for rats and mice on farms and in agricultural-sector companies and is consequently well versed in agricultural regulations. DLG owns 50% of the company. 
Nomus provides preventive fogging against grain pests in grain storage facilities before gathering in the new grain. In case of beetle infestation, Nomus also carries out grain fumigation.
In addition, Nomus offers disinfection of barns and ship cargo holds, ship fumigation, treatment against common furniture beetles, major ant control action, etc.
Nomus provides fire-fighting equipment and annual fire checks for its owners. Nomus is a DS-approved supplier.
Nomus was established in 2006 by DLG and Hedegaard Agro and works closely with DLG's quality department to ensure top quality.
Affiliation with DLG
Nomus has extensive experience of controlling rats, mice and grain pests. Farmers may suffer great losses from pest infections. DLG contributes to safeguarding the quality of crops, facilitates protection agreements and provides efficient pest control.