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A company’s work in social responsibility must be measured by its concrete actions
DLG Group / Investor / CSR / The DLG CSR Policy

The DLG CSR Policy

DLG commits to following the ten principles of corporate responsibility in the UN Global Compact. As part of this effort, DLG is working to implement the principles in human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption in the group’s daily operations. We follow all relevant legislation and regulations in the countries in which we operate. We are dedicated to maintaining open dialogue on CSR-related issues with our stakeholders.
  • We always strive to ensure the highest quality and security in our agricultural products and foodstuffs production, from farm to fork
  • We strive to be ambitious in our efforts to secure responsible value chain management and protect the group’s reputation
  • We strive to reduce DLG’s energy consumption, minimise our environmental emissions and generally reduce our environmental impact
  • We do not accept corruption in any of its forms, including (but not limited to) bribery, extortion, facilitation payments or nepotism 
  • We strive to maintain secure working conditions, a sound working environment and to create good opportunity for development for our employees and business partners
  • We respect internationally recognised human rights and continually evaluate our business to identify instances that can negatively impact these rights

This policy is evaluated and revised on an annual basis by DLG’s Executive Steering Committee. As an extension of our wish to work strategically with CSR, DLG does not consider donations as part of its CSR work.