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DLG Group / Investor / CSR
2. March 2023

Corporate Social Reponsibility - CSR

As one of the largest agribusiness companies in Europe, DLG plays an important role as both purchaser and supplier of raw materials, crops, feed and other inputs in the first stage of production of foodstuffs. Together with our foodstuffs companies and energy business, this means that we have a central position in the Danish and European agriculture and foodstuffs cluster. This also means that we as a company have a social and environmental responsibility.

As one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe, DLG plays an important role as both purchaser and supplier of feed, feed compounds, crops and other inputs to the first stage of food production. Together with our energy business, this gives us a central position in the Danish and European agricultural and food cluster. We wish to take the lead and set the course for the industry. This means that, as a company, we hold and take social and environmental responsibility, just as traditions for sustainability and good farming practices are deeply rooted in our business.

DLG is convinced that a company’s work with social responsibility must be measured by its concrete actions. We have therefore endorsed the UN Global Compact, which is an international initiative with ten principles focused on corporate sustainability. As part of the Global Compact, DLG is working to implement the principles concerning human rights, labour rights, environmental issues and anti-corruption in the day-to-day operations of the Group. We are committed to actively communicating the Group's CSR activities and results in an annual progress report – a Communication on Progress (COP).

This is our COP, in which we publish our goals and initiatives for social responsibility. We also describe how we wish to develop in the course of the next year.

Read the DLG CSR Policy

Managerial responsibility for DLG’s advances in social responsibility is anchored in the group’s Executive Management. A CSR coordinator has been appointed, who is responsible for overseeing this work on a day-to-day basis and coordinating cross-sectoral activities, internal and external communications, and Global Compact reporting. The task of elaborating goals, action plans and KPIs has been assigned to three cross-sectoral work groups.

  • Responsible Company
  • Ressource efficiency
  • People at DLG

The groups consist of representatives from all parts of the group, and its management is rooted in DLG’s Group Management is also responsible for ensuring that cross-unit CSR initiatives are implemented in practice. The individual business areas are responsible for translating the CSR goals into concrete action plans.

The groups reflect the CSR topics of decisive strategic importance for the DLG Group. These topics are selected after extensive analysis of the CSR area, based on workshops, internal interviews and evaluation of existing initiatives, and more.


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