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DLG Group / Press / News
7. February 2024

DLG pays DKK 184 million to shareholders

The second largest profit declaration in the history of DLG Group – DKK 184 million – will be distributed to the group’s owners following the presentation of the financial statements for 2023. For the first time ever, DLG is also rewarding the choice of products that can contribute to more sustainable agricultural production.

At this year’s accounting meeting, DLG’s Board of Representatives approved a profit declaration of DKK 184 million, which corresponds to a return on the contributed capital of 11.6 per cent. 

A strengthened solvency ratio, which now exceeds 32 per cent, means that this year 35 % of the profit will be returned to the owners. Much to the delight of Niels Dengsø Jensen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DLG.

“Despite the very difficult market conditions, our cooperative society has once again succeeded in delivering some very solid results, allowing us to announce the second largest profit declaration in the group’s history. It shows that DLG is in good shape,” he says. 

In 2023, DLG’s Board of Representatives decided that one third of the profit declaration should be distributed in advance while two thirds will be deposited into the cooperative account and only paid out once the balance exceeds one million kroner, or if an owner decides to stop farming. According to Niels Dengsø Jensen, many members have welcomed the new model, which encourages them to invest. 

I’m very pleased that our new ownership strategy is allowing one third of the profit declaration to be paid out in advance to the owners. Our cooperative members are keen to invest in the industry and in the green transition. I’m pleased that we are now distributing capital which especially the younger farmers can benefit from when they are in the process of establishing themselves,” says Niels Dengsø Jensen. 

2 per cent earmarked for new product range

For the first time ever, part of the profit declaration has been earmarked for products in DLG’s ‘A little better every day’ range, products designed to contribute positively to the transition in agriculture. The range was presented in the second half of 2023, and efforts to broaden the range are already underway. 

“In 2023, we decided to allow up to 15 per cent of the profit declaration to be earmarked for a special group of products with the potential to contribute to the transition of the agricultural sector. This year, we’re distributing 2 per cent from that pool. We’re still developing and expanding the range, but I’m pleased that we’ve created a model that provides an incentive to choose products that have the potential to contribute to more sustainable agricultural production."

With this year’s distribution of DKK 184 million, DLG will have paid out more than DKK 852 million to its owners over the past five years.