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2. November 2016

DLG strengthens its core business with 100 pct ownership of Sejet Plant Breeding

DLG takes over Carlsberg's stake of 25% in Sejet Plant Breeding, which is among Europe's leading plant breeding companies. Plant breeding is an important strategic area for DLG's core business both in Denmark and internationally.
After a series of divestments, the DLG Group is strengthening its core business with the acquisition of Carlsberg's 25% stake in Sejet Plant Breeding. DLG thus increases its stake from 75% to 100% - indicating that plant breeding is an important strategic business area within its core business.

"Continually, we are strengthening the core business of DLG. Plant Breeding, and market leading varieties of high quality is a key competitive factor for us. Our acquisition of Carlsberg's stake allows us to develop Sejet Plant Breeding and the business area further. We are among the leaders in Europe, and that position we will develop further," says Bent Nissen, Group Vice President, Crop production in DLG.  

Bent Nissen emphasizes that Sejet in recent years has strengthened its market position significantly and clearly is among Europe's leaders in plant breeding, particularly on the markets in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and France.

"We are very pleased with the development of Sejet Plant Breeding in recent years, increasing market shares in both Denmark and abroad. As the sole owner we will further accelerate development in order to expand our leading position in the market," says Bent Nissen.

Wheat variety Benchmark a big hit

Among the positive trends in Sejet's development has been increasing market shares for grain other than barley. In addition Sejet’s barley varieties have had a leading position in the market for a long time, several wheat varieties have now gained significant market shares at home and abroad.

The Benchmark wheat variety is especially popular and will – once again – be the most cultivated wheat variety in Denmark in 2017. It has been the highest yielding wheat variety for two consecutive years. Benchmark is also increasing its market share in Germany and is gaining ground in other markets in Europe.

In addition, Sejet has been very active in targeted research projects, including a project on varietal root growth to improve water and nutrient utilization. Sejet continually invest in equipment and new facilities.

About Sejet Plant Breeding

Since 1947, Sejet Plant Breeding has worked with agricultural breeding of modern grains. The DLG Group owns 100% of the company. The company uses the latest technologies such as gene markers and has its own breeding program in spring barley, winter barley, winter wheat, winter triticale and faba beans. Sejet Plant Breeding has great success with its own varieties such as Benchmark, Matros, Flair, Evolution og Sebastian and works closely with a long number of processing companies in Europe. Sejet Plant Breeding had 2015 net sales of 44.6 million DKK and a profit of 16.3 million DKK.

Read more on www.sejet.com
Portræt af Bent Nissen
Bent Nissen
CEO, team agrar