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The DLG Group invests in green energy conversion: Will create network of charging stations in Germany
DLG Group / Press / News
30. September 2021

The DLG Group invests in green energy conversion: Will create network of charging stations in Germany

The DLG Group's energy company, Team SE, acquires 25.1% of the German company GP JOULE CONNECT Gmbh. The investment will support the green transformation of the energy business and pave the way for a network of charging stations for electric cars at the Team chain's petrol stations and DIY stores.

In Germany more electric cars are being sold than ever before, and there is therefore a growing need for a better infrastructure with more charging stations, where motorists can efficiently refuel their cars with green electricity. The DLG Group's energy company Team wants to take part in securing this infrastructure and will therefore acquire 25.1% of the company GP JOULE CONNECT, which is active in the development and implementation of mobility concepts based on renewable energy.

“With the investment in GP JOULE CONNECT, we get a strong partner that enables us to support the green transition within energy and transport, while at the same time shaping a sustainable future for our energy business. It is a partnership that we are very pleased with and in which we see great opportunities,” says Kristian Hundebøll, CEO of DLG.

“Team is an innovative company that gives GP JOULE CONNECT access to new markets in Germany and Scandinavia. We are also pleased that Team has its roots in agriculture, and that sustainable management is also in focus,” says Ove Petersen, co-founder and CEO of the GP JOULE Group.

GP JOULE CONNECT's activities include a wide range of e-mobility solutions, including charging infrastructure covering everything from charging boxes to a wide-ranging European network of charging stations, sharing concepts for electric vehicles as well as energy concepts and energy supply from renewable energy sources.

Increasing need for new sustainability solutions

The activities fit well with Team's current portfolio of products and services, and through the partnership the goal is to establish a network of charging stations at Team's existing petrol stations and DIY stores to meet customers' growing needs for new mobility solutions.

“We are constantly looking for new ways in which we can link our focus on sustainability with our business model. With GP JOULE CONNECT, we get a strong partner who has great expertise and know-how in e-mobility. We welcome the new partnership, where we see great opportunities to jointly develop and shape the mobility solutions of the future,” says Kevin Lorenzen, CEO of Team SE.

Team owns 77 DIY stores and 231 gas stations, located primarily in the northern half of Germany. In September, Team also opened the first in a series of hydrogen filling stations, which will supply green energy for buses, trucks and cars. The hydrogen filling stations are part of the eFarm project, which was initiated by GP JOULE and in which Team is a partner with a 10% ownership interest.

Earlier this month, DLG was able to announce that the group's two German companies Team and HaGe will merge into what will be the largest Danish-owned company in Germany with 5,000 employees and a turnover of DKK 32 billion. kr.