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We create new innovative solutions that give most value for the farmer
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Research and Development

The DLG Group works targeted with research and development. We exploit the group's size and global vision with a local presence – this helps us to create new innovative solutions that give most value for the farmer.
Fundamental to this is the ability to transfer knowledge into practice, so the farmer can implement our innovative solutions in production. We want our research to be able to optimise the farmer's economy, so that we are the preferred trade partner within the group's business areas.

In order to achieve the most specialist knowledge, we at DLG have a number of collaborative partners. It is an invaluable part of our research and development to obtain contributions from different organisations, so that we can specialise as intensively as possible, for the benefit of farmers worldwide.

Sejet Planteforædling
Nørremarksvej 67
8700 Horsens
+45 75 68 21 77

Since 1947, Sejet Plant Breeding has catered to the interests of agriculture in the improvement and breeding of modern grain varieties. A continuous effort is made to create new and improved varieties which are adapted to current demands and benefit agriculture and plant breeders. DLG owns 100% of the company. 

Today, Sejet Plant Breeding is a complete and modern plant breeding company in constant development with its own breeding programme and an extensive representation programme outside Denmark.

Sejet uses the latest technologies, such as gene markers, and has its own breeding programme for spring barley, winter wheat and winter triticale. Sejet Plant Breeding enjoys great success with its own varieties, such as Hereford, Matros, Flair, Evolution, Sebastian and Columbus and works closely with plant breeding companies in many European countries. 

Sejet applies diligent quality assurance to ensure that only the varieties with optimal profiles are pursued.
Affiliation with DLG

With its own R&D efforts, Sejet Plant Breeding assumes a central role for the agriculture of the future and helps strengthen DLG's competitiveness.  

Aarhus Universitet Foulum
Blichers Alle 20
8830 Tjele
Agro Food Park 15
8200 Aarhus N
Schothorst Feed Research
Meerkoetenweg 26
8200 AM Lelystad
Vilofoss Denmark
Vesterballevej 4
7000 Fredericia
+45 33685600
Vilofoss produces premixes and mineral compounds for use in feed for pigs, cattle, poultry, sheep and horses. The Vilofoss products are both suitable for mixing with factory-produced feed and on-farm produced feed. With the Vilofoss products, feed can be fully customised to cover the livestock's requirements for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. DLG owns 100% of the company. 
In addition to vitamin and mineral compounds, Vilofoss produces a vast array of feed supplements and special products for use in animal production. Vilofoss also sells milk replacers, retail veterinary-labelled products and veterinary articles.
Vilofoss' main market is Denmark, but 33% of the turnover is exported to other European countries.
Affiliation with DLG
As an important part of DLG's overall livestock nutrition activities, Vilofoss contributes to optimising the animal production and thus generate growth in the agricultural sector.